Deepali  Designs

Deepali Designs and Exhibits has pioneered a stream of innovative concepts which have set new benchmarks and raised the bar for operations and logistics in the event industry. Powered by several factors - including a dedicated R&D division that explores futuristic material usage, immense application of mind, unimaginable hard work, thorough technical know-how and great execution capabilities, we have blazed an unbeatable record of delivering products and services relating to events & exhibitions.

To give you a macro snapshot, we have a wide range of capabilities. Be it a quick Rapid Hospital Setup, or creating an immersive experience for an event or setting up of an exhibition booth - we are quickly off the mark and deliver unexpected results, with blazing fast turnarounds.

We possess the widest range of infrastructure - in the form of our own workshop, an in-house design and execution team and are headquartered in New Delhi with a powerful presence in Mumbai- the commercial and business hub of the country.

What we live by

Hard work

It's what motivates us to go beyond the commonplace. With unimaginable application of mind, hard work and depth of thought. People, Processes, and Performance - all working in sync to create extraordinary outcomes.


Balance & Fairplay

Promotions are encouraged from within the ranks for those who move out of their comfort zone and show initiative and promise, we ensure that they are recognition and responsibility.

We also go the extra mile to ensure that all those associated with us - our partners, suppliers, vendors, consultants and most importantly, our clients - get the highest value for their trust reposed in us.

Research and Development

 Funds are earmarked on developing and latest technological innovations, new materials, new textures, and new possibilities. We have a talented and reliable R&D team in our company, which burns midnight oil to come up with the latest innovations  Our team keeps an eagle eye on current market trends, materials and tech and existing demands so we can ride the wave and benefit our clientele at each step.

Quality Assurance, Infrastructure and Delivery

Quality is not something that happens overnight. It is a continuous process of persistence, hard work and a deeply-ingrained habits of delivering quality in every aspect of our services.